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28 February 2005


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just started packing my room. i've bought about 75 or so of these plastic orange bins over the past several years. k-mart unloads them for about $2.50 each about a week after halloween. sweet slippers, eh?

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26 February 2005

phase i planning

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so i've been working on the itinerary for the european leg of my trip and i've come up with a fairly ambitious plan. this will be my first trip to europe and my first trip of this magnitude, so i really don't have a frame of reference... not sure if i'll burn out long before i make it through my first five countries or whether i'll be burning for more after europe. click here for the tentative plan. keep in mind i'll be heading back to the states for about a week in the middle of june for my sister's wedding. i've started looking for plane tickets... looks like i'll be flying roundtrip out of germany... most likely frankfurt or berlin.

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23 February 2005

internal army


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...back to the doctor's office for some additional vaccinations. i received the second hepatitis a/b vaccination and decided to start the rabies and japanese encephalitis series. both of these vaccinations carry with them the potential for some serious side effects. the manufacturer, travax, reports the following:


"local and mild general reactions may include: injection site redness, swelling, itching or discomfort; or headache, nausea, abdominal pain, muscle aches, a light fever or dizzyness. a few rare cases or neurological complications that resolved spontaneously have been reportd with the usa approved vaccines."

japanese encephalitis

"about 20% of people (1 in 5), who receive the vaccine, experience some pain, redness and swelling at the injection site. about 20% of people also experience 1 or more mild systemic side effects, such as fever, headache, dizziness or muscle pain.

about 0.6% of patients (1 in 167) experience general rash, itching or swelling, especially of the extremities, face, lips and throat. in rare cases, patients may suffer shock and respiratory distress. people who have a history of bee stings or severe medication allergies appear to have the greater risk for developing these side effects to the vaccine. if you experience these side effects, call your doctor immediately or ambulance."

i waited in the doctor's office for a half an hour after the vaccinations without incident. my doctor gave me an epinephrine auto-injector for any allergic emergencies after i left the office.

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18 February 2005


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the beginning.

i'm going to keep it strictly to the facts for now. preparations continue for the trip. i applied for my passport on friday 07 january 2005 and received it in an envelope postmarked tuesday 25 january 2005.

gear acquisition

my plan is to keep my total gear load, including backpack, under 20 pounds.

dana design swift traveler
garmin 60cs
garmin city select europe v7
garmin worldmap
palmone treo 650 gsm unlocked
fujitsu p7010d
shinza 11" zeroshock
kensington travel plug adapter
lonely planet 'europe on a shoestring' 4th edition

vaccinations and health

yellow fever
the first of the hepatitis a/b series

i'll be heading back to my doctor on tuesday 22 feb 2005 to receive the second hepatitis vaccination and the first of the rabies series.

i've filled my prescription for malarone (malaria) and levaquin (traveler's diarrhea).

employment status

i'll be finishing up at my job at the end of february.


i've been working on packing for the past couple weeks and have cleaned and organized 90% of my music gear. i'll start working on my room next week and hope to have all of my posessions boxed and organized by the end of february. i'll be heading to ligonier, pennsylvania to drop off my van in the first week or second week of march. i'm truly looking forward to ridding myself of everything and living out of a backpack for a year. simple. uncluttered.


tuesday 05 april 2005: bos to lhr
wednesday 15 june 2005: germany to rdu
wednesday 22 june 2005: rdu to germany
saturday 25 june 2005: rammstein at wuhleide in berlin


i'd originally intended to host my website on my own server colocated at a friend's house. i later realized that i didn't want to have to worry about potential hardware/software/security issues and so purchased some hosting space at imhosted.com. the site is powered by movable type. the skeleton is in place and functioning. i now need to work on fleshing out the content and making it pretty.

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