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10 March 2005

drowning in orange

another day of packing... i'm sick of orange plastic bins. i made a run up to the storage space today and unloaded about twelve bins filled with mostly music gear. the rest of the day i continued going through the remainder of my stuff... throwing a lot out... consolidating... packing. tomorrow morning (well, today... in a few hours... yikes) i'm going to take another run up to the storage space. i didn't meet my objective of having everything in storage by thursday... the packing and organizing is taking longer than expected. i'm close, but not quite there. exciting stuff, eh?

after the storage run in a few hours, my girlfriend and i are off to ligonier, pennsylvania to hang out with family and friends. i'll be leaving my van there for the duration of my trip; we'll be flying back to boston out of pittsburgh on monday.

time for sleep.

posted by paul on Thu 10 Mar 2005 at 04:08:04 est (-05:00)


hey it could be worse. do you know of "bartcop"


"I had to pay for our fifth dumpster dump today. When we started the move, I rented a giant trash container like a construction site uses. Each container is 23 cubic feet..."

i hate to trhow away something thats still good. wish i was there, i bet id take bunches of that stuff you called garbage. on second thought maybe it is better im 1500 miles away.

posted by AKA Huck on Thu 10 Mar 2005 at 13:17:51 est (-05:00)

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