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04 April 2005


wow. so, two days to go. it's going to come down to the wire with many of my outstanding tasks. my flight doesn't leave until 7:00pm est on tuesday, so i'll have some time to take care of a few things in the morning and early afternoon. where has the time gone? as expected, these last few weeks have been a blur of visiting friends and family and taking care of trip preparations.

i stopped in at bob smith's wilderness house, ems, and rei today to pick up some last minute items. if i have some time tomorrow or tuesday morning, i'll write up a complete list of everything i'm packing. with everything i bought today and earlier this week, i think my pack is going to be closer to 30 pounds than 20 pounds. reed at the wilderness house gave me a refresher course on my pack... what each of the straps does, how to distribute the weight in the pack, how to program the internal pack computer to automatically create a list of the pack contents. (no, not really). as i said before, i can't say enough good things about the staff at the wilderness house... great people.

i've been warned that my standard uniform black bdu pants along with combat boots might not go over so well in some countries. i think the boots are here to stay, so i've been looking for a pants alternative in an attempt to tone down the military look. who's the genius who designed "travel pants" without back pockets and without zippers on the pockets? if i were to design travel pants, i'd have pockets all over the place... all with zippers... wth detachable legs so the pants could be converted to shorts. i ended up buying a pair of non-black pants from rei that convert into shorts... the closest thing i could find to what i was looking for. still, no zippers. wonder how difficult it would be to install those myself.

i'm planning to get up early tomorrow... yikes, 3:47am right now. i'll rephrase. i'm planning to take a nap this morning and then take my last trip up to the storage space at around 9am. then i need to run some errands... need to photocopy my passport and other id and send that off to my parents. need to go through my gear... the list goes on.

i'm excited. i'm very excited. it's getting close.

posted by paul on Mon 04 Apr 2005 at 03:39:25 est (-05:00)


just testing the comment feature, last time I wanted to comment on the fish you caught in florida and it did not post

posted by Renata on Mon 04 Apr 2005 at 14:12:55 est (-05:00)

i must say, it takes some serious cojones to tackle an around the world adventure solo! have a great time on your trip, we are very excited for you.


i'm so jealous

posted by Jamie (soon to be brother in-law) yikes on Mon 04 Apr 2005 at 21:25:26 est (-05:00)

Bye Paul! Have a great trip!

posted by Jen on Tue 05 Apr 2005 at 16:48:10 est (-05:00)

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