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27 April 2005

i walked out the other side


i found a great fare down to brazil on the internet and decided to take a quick three day trip down to see the rainforest.

not really. i woke up early to explore belfast. the city tourist center is always a good first stop and any type of public park is always a fun destination for me... trees, flowers, fountains, people who can watched. the morning weather was beautiful and i relaxed on a bench right outside the park entrance and very near queen's university for about an hour. watching people and listening and feeling the sun. in the botanical gardens, i found tropical plants and tropical humidity and when i walked out the other side of the greenhouse, a light rain was coming down. i stand prepared on these islands with my umbrella... some type of black covert quick and ready umbrella always there and i broke it out and walked over to the ulster museum. nearby. what a great little museum with a bit of everything... paintings, ceramics, rocks and minerals some radioactive and flourescing, dinosaurs some american, irish history, milling machines. a lot packed into a tidy little building with a helpful staff on hand to assist. she asked me to put my umbrella away, but didn't call it an umbrella... more research.

it had stopped raining when i got out of the museum. i had picked up a flyer at the tourist center that outlined several musical happenings in the city... every other wednesday... metal at a local club. my first foreign metal. i was definitely going to attend. what time do the bands go on? half nine. i believe that's 9:30. back at half nine... no bands. back at half ten... preparations for metal, and yes, there was a fog machine. the first band came on and i was pretty happy with the first 10 minutes and then a little sleepy with the last 20 minutes. the singer whipped out a tamborine... that would never fly with an american metal band. iron maiden and black sabbath are english... don't think a tamborine would fly with them either. maybe things were different in northern ireland. the headlining band turned out to be some yngwiesque screamo and i departed quickly after about two songs. did anyone see me leave? the familiar ringing. eeee. excuse me, did you just say 'eeee'? i need to protect my hearing.

the pizza place across the street from the hostel, 'bits and pizza'... love it... was still open. there weren't any customers in there and i chatted with the woman and man working behind the counter. the guy was a turk who had been living in belfast for two years... giant belfastian accent. he was really psyched i was an american... tried to copy the american accent while saying 'yeah, baby. okay, baby.' apparently americans say 'baby' a lot. told him i'd make a point of visiting turkey... said istanbul is beautiful. i showed him some american money. 'wow, looks like monopoly money.' gave him a one dollar bill... so happy... which made me happy. cheers.

in the hostel, a new roommate... hanmin from taiwan milling about and looking through pamphlets and such. told him i was planning to take a bus up along the northern coast to giant's causeway... he the same... we'll wake up early and both go.

posted by paul on Wed 27 Apr 2005 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


she didn't call it a parasol did she?

posted by Jamie on Fri 06 May 2005 at 18:05:38 est (-05:00)

parasol is a definite possibility, but i think it sounded more like 'bally'... 'the one thing we do ask is that you put your bally away.' hang on... i have internet access right now... let me see if i can find a site. i found it: brolly. source: http://english2american.com/dictionary/u.html#umbrella.

random thought before i forget: the couple from uraguay who told me there's nothing to do in belfast: guillermo and magdalena. studying english in dublin.

posted by paul recon on Fri 06 May 2005 at 21:59:33 est (-05:00)

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