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30 April 2005

an industrial city concrete straight down

a free breakfast isn't a free breakfast. take it or leave it, you've been charged when you paid for your room. in most cases the hostels serve nothing more than toast and jam and coffee and sometimes cereal. the dublin hostel was not one of the most cases fortunately. eggs, bacon (which more resembles slices of ham than bacony bacon), sausage, hashbrowns (though they must have a different name), fruit, juice, bread. everything. everything and very good everything. i'd eat this free breakfast every morning i stayed at the hostel. filling.

the river liffey runs through dublin. a greenish river i wouldn't want to fall into. i saw a shopping cart lurking just beneath the surface below one of the many bridges. the banks are not grass and not a gentle slope but an industrial city concrete straight down into the murky green.

a misting raining exploration of the capitol of ireland. wandering through the parks and streets with the sky all gray. gray skies are good for museums and i visited two: the national gallery and the museum of natural history, which may be better named the museum of taxidermy. the first floor: one giant chamber filled with stuffed animals from ireland. the second floor: one giant chamber filled with stuff animals from around the world. a third floor balcony gave a better view of the two whale skeletons hanging from the ceiling with cases of mostly sea creatures and a fourth floor balcony was filled with insects and other small creatures. all of the small creature display cases had a leather mat over them which needed to be lifted for viewing. not sure why. maybe the light would fade the color. this would be a very scary place at night with the creaky wooden floors and all of the eyes and skeletons and generally enveloping deadness. the glass cases would come crashing down running from them.

garmin had reversed the locations of the natural gallery and the museum of natural history. will advise them.

back on the street and hungry. when i asked for a turkey and cheese sandwich, a woman used grated cheddar cheese, a first which turned out to be rather delicious. the fresh roll played a large part in the deliciousness. i relaxed in st. steven's green eating my grated cheese and turkey sandwich. try to fade into the bench unnoticed and just absorb the sites and sounds. as has typically been the case on these islands, the morning mist and gray were swept away and a bright blue sky was left behind with still a slight chill. i remembered that i'd considered not packing my hoodie. i remember that often whenever there is a chill.

i found a few market streets. many people here and there and i hate walking with people crowding me all around... quickly over to the side of the street where i stood for about 30 minutes while a dreadlocked man on my left played on a drum. a girl gave him an orange. an orange. i think he'd rather have had the money. i thought about a juicy orange for a bit... where to get one... then out of my mind. further down a group of hare krishnas were chanting using a portable megaphone, accompanied by drums and little cymbals. generally a nice chanting sound. i talked to a man who said he'd lived with them and called one of them, with shaved orange hair wearing a white sarong, a hypocrite for wearing leather sandals. he told me i looked like a musician.

an early night around 10pm and i retreated.

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