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04 May 2005

there would be no reason

i spoke with one of the hostel staff who recommended checking out inishmore, one of the aran islands off of the west the coast of ireland. would need to take a bus to rossaveal about an hour away and then a ferry over to the island. the morning bus had already left and the afternoon bus wouldn't give us any time to explore the island. would wander the city with massimo and mirko.

galway exploration. in circles. in squares. in rectangles. up and down the street here and there just exploring. we'd been down this street before. we'd seen that before. and then a moment when we stopped and realized we'd seen almost all of galway. i can't remember how max worded it. we looked at a map and decided to take a walk to nearby salthill. salt-hill or salth-ill? still not sure. the salthill expedition turned out to be a great decision. a long promenade along the ocean and people enjoying the sun. a long walk down a pier the end was restricted. the sign told us but those two didn't read it. turn around and further down the beach and small cliffs in the distance. treacherous stones. many snails here and there sealed up during the day. the cliffs looked like they'd been carved by a machine, but there would be no reason. wind and water. we all leaned over to see the plunge. a short rest and then the walk back.

we decided to cook pasta tonight. all of the grocery stores had closed yet we found a large convenience store. italians don't eat bread and butter with their pasta. max and mirko cooked and cleaned. thank you gentlemen. delicious and filling. two americans studying in london had arrived in our room, one from baltimore and one from pittsburgh. i told him i'd grew up about an hour east of pittsuburgh and he knew of my hometown. out to another pub and max and mirko bought me drinks... i'd owe them. thank you again gentlemen. we walked outside and i sat with two statues.

posted by paul on Wed 04 May 2005 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


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