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06 May 2005

the flying stabbing disinterests

max and massimo were leaving today... woke up early to say goodbye. best wishes, gentlemen. very pleased to have met you... we'll stay in touch.

a nothing day to do laundry, make travel plans, relax and take another walk around galway.

i walked up to a small laundrymat near the hostel, put my clothes in the washer, set my stopwatch and went out for one half hour to a grocery store. i bought two giant lemon muffins and some fresh not from concentrate tropicana. i figured the vitamin c would be good. walking quickly... i arrived a few minutes after the wash had finished. i quickly transferred my clothes to the dryer, hoping the laundrymat woman hadn't noticed the few minutes of laundrymat downtime. none shall depart while the clothes are in the dryer. woe is he or she who dares to cross the laundrymat woman, master of all clothing within ten meters. i walked outside for some fresh air while my clothes were in the dryer and was sternly scolded. when i came back inside i noticed no less than ten signs stating that one shall not depart the laundrymat while one's clothing is in the dryer. i also noticed approximately ten 'no smoking' and five or so 'don't dump your trash in our bins. take it with you.' signs. the laundrymat woman ran a tight ship. my clothes were clean and i was the hell _out_ of there.

back at the hostel, i spent several hours on the [free] internet... booked a flight to paris for the following wednesday, made hotel reservations for four nights, and chatted with my sweet girlfriend. i decided i'd travel down to doolin, a very small town south of galway which had been highly recommended by a girl i met in edinburgh, the next day. the hostel i wanted to stay in, recommended by my lonely planet guide, wasn't accessible by hostelworld.com... i navigated the phone system and called and spoke to a very nice gentlemen who took my reservation and told me how to reach the hostel. it's a nice feeling when travel arrangements are made.

soon it was evening and i hadn't yet fit in the walk or the relaxation parts of the nothing day. didn't even have a chance to take a shower... i had plans to meet up with marta and gavina that evening. met them at a completely packed i can barely walk in here pub. ah, friday night. i'd forgotten. so easy to lose track of time. we sat at a table on the second floor.

blathering drunk man approaches:

bdm: 'french?'

marta and gavina: 'no.'

bdm: 'spanish?'

marta and gavina: 'no.'

bdm: 'what then?'

marta and gavina: 'italian.'

bdm: 'aaaaaahhhhh.... [starts speaking italian]'.

marta and gavina seemed very disinterested. actually, they exuded disinterest. i could feel their disinterest flying from their eyes and stabbing the blathering drunk man in the head. bdm continues on in italian. marta responds that she's from milan, and bdm starts going off about how he dislikes the milan italians... he had moved there seeking work and they were rude to him there and wasn't able to find a job [all translated by marta after the conversation]. mental note: whilst trying to pick up women in a bar, don't tell them that you dislike all people from the city in which they live. poor judgement. the flying stabbing disinterests finally punctured the man's head and he turned to me and started speaking in italian.

me: 'i don't speak italian.'

bdm: 'ah... americano.... vafanculo, americano.'

[no clue what he just said... something about an american...]. probably wasn't very nice. i smiled and nodded.

he turned to me again.

bdm: 'i guess they're not impressed.'

really? good guess, captain. he walked away. marta told me after he'd left that he had said 'fuck you, american.' on a 0 to 10 scale, i was 0 distressed that he had just said 'fuck you' to me and a 10 distressed that i had missed the word 'vafanculo'... especially after a week of lessons in italian slang and obscenities (thank you gentlemen). damn. how could i have missed that word? i could have broken out an insult of my own from my vast italian arsenal. blah. i'd missed my opportunity.

marta and i walked gavina to the bus stop and then continued walking a bit. we said our goodbyes and i went back to the hostel. very nice meeting you, ladies.

tomorrow: doolin, ireland.

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