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10 May 2005

trying to escape. escape.

i woke up and packed up. today i'd depart doolin for ennis, a town i thought of more as a transportational facility city than a destination. ennis was closer to the airport. nothing more.

i walked out of the river hostel and tried to burn the image and memories in my mind.

it's always difficult leaving a place that you like. i said my goodbyes to karl and thanked him in giant amounts and signed the guestbook. i walked away from the hostel to the bus station not wanting it to end, imaginary ropes trying to pull me back inside, snapping with each step. i bought my ticket a different hostel opposite the bus stop. an american [guess] woman was infatuated with the toaster inside and needed to take a picture. she was going to ennis too. a bit rough. i sat outside waiting. an italian couple asked me if the hostel was a nice place; they were staying there. i told them i hadn't stayed there, but if they disliked it even a little, to travel down the road to the river hostel. i got up and walked across the road with my pack. i looked up and liked the way the tree branches contrasted against the sky and deciding to take a picture. seemed like everything had more magic.

the bus came and the driver was incredibly friendly. seemed he knew many other passengers. locals knew his name and one told a brief story about how she'd taken the bus a few days before and he hadn't been driving and she asked where he'd been.

track track to ennis. we arrived at the first ennis stop and i got out and asked if he knew where the abbey tourist hostel was... he smiled and pointed directly behind the bus... it was right there. no long finding walk.

i didn't have a reservation at the hostel, but not a problem. a very nice woman, tall, drew a walking pattern on a map and led me to the room, up a stairscase, right, down a hallway, right, up another staircase, right, right again, down a hallway, on the right. i asked her name as she walked away. the view out the window of my hostel.

so many turns, instead of first exploring the city, i'd explore the hostel. i got lost trying to find the exit. truly. i wandered around, opening wrong doors, trying to escape. escape. first across the river the bridge decorated with hanging plants which someone must take care of. around the corner, past the cathedral [research]. walking up and down the streets, very happy with ennis, my opinion changed from just a transportational hub to an actual nice destinational place to visit. i got some food and relaxed under some type of statue where a tour guide spoke to ten people with cameras. i listened, right behind. some more wandering, down to the river where a man and a boy were feeding the pidgeons. blah, the pidgeons, why feed them? in the water: swans and ducks. a nearby sign explained the species. what i had thought of as a random gathering had actually been given some formality.

i used the internet cafe for a while and then headed back. there, i met a man from slovakia. conversation was slow with much hacking, but i managed to convey that my grandmother was czech. he could speak czech fluently; i can count to twenty. i couln't explain much with numbers. short. shortly after, i met a guy [ryan] from ohio, on his way to the airport. ennis: for those airport bound.

finally to sleep. much snoring from the slovakian, but i fell asleep easily.

posted by paul on Tue 10 May 2005 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


You may be developing a liking for beer. If so,
I recommend Augustiner bier(since 1328). It's
great bottled here, so probably much better in
Germany. Euro Youth Hostel in Munich has a bar
that sells it on tap.

posted by bob on Tue 31 May 2005 at 11:13:18 est (-05:00)

Splurge ! The Euro is only 1.225 US ! If the
Dutch also vote no, maybe lower.

posted by bob on Wed 01 Jun 2005 at 11:40:30 est (-05:00)

Hi Paul,
Your entries are getting more and more poetic, and it’s a true pleasure to travel with you vicariously. (The experience sounds like it would be a wonder for the soul... Treasure every second!).

posted by Steve on Thu 02 Jun 2005 at 15:19:58 est (-05:00)

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