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13 May 2005

and the best part, imagining

vendredi 13eme. today i visited le musée du louvre and saw priceless works of art.

art is a violently subjective subject. i thought the venus de milo and the mona lisa were beautiful, but not numbingly so, and if not for the fame and the hordes of swarming people i most likely would have stopped to look no longer than for any other piece in the museum which didn't immediately scream at me to come have a closer look. after i waited long enough to see each piece of art up close i stood back and watched the crowds of people, an entirely different but equally interesting exhibit.

Salle 18: La Venus de Milo et Un Grand Essaim des Personnes Ennuyantes.

Salle 43: La Jaconde et Un Autre Grand Essaim des Personnes Ennuyantes.

appréciez! i would estimate 80% of those mobbing the two celebrated women had a digital camera or camcorder. eighty percent. of those, approximately half were on a mission: [in the least amount of time possible] 01. find the best angle for the shot; 02. capture the image; 03. exit. the other half were on essentially the same mission but were taking their time. i saw people enter the room, push through the crowd, scan the sculpture or painting once up and down with their camcorder and then quickly exit the room. i don't think they even looked at the art with their own eyes... only through the viewfinder. as they walked away i imagined them taking out a pen and a checklist and putting a checkmark next to the appropriate item. been there. done that. have you seen the mona lisa? yes i have and i have a video to prove it. any time i want i can queue that shit right up and watch the mona lisa once up and down. want more? rewind and watch it again. up and down. instant art, whenever you want it. what, you don't believe me? oh, i'll bust that tape out, i will. don't make me. i will. don't make me. [long pause] hmm, can't find it. does this website documenting my trip count?

wow, listen to me. ignorant.art.neophyte deems himself qualified to criticize how others view artwork. okay, i take it all back. well, most of it.

for those pieces that drew me into and through the plane of the canvas or the marble, the enjoyment was being _there_. _right there_. in front of something blindingly amazing. looking at the lines up close. looking at _one particular line_. and the best part, imagining being in the same room while the artist created that one particular line. looking at one particular curve on a sculpture and imagining the artist carving that curve. [AH]. how gigantic. but to each his or her own and that's what makes things great.

random blathering about the louvre:

. the pyramid serves as the main entrance and exit and is effectively a large skylight for the giant louvre reception area.

. an entire wing of the egyptian exhibit was closed down when i was there. why are the egyptian exhibits so popular at museums? dead people.

. the louvre palace was built on the same site as a medieval castle. the foundations of the castle have been excavated and now exist as a museum exhibit. [wow] i had no idea. the official history of the louvre website. archaeology. [research]

. i came to the museum to look at the exhibits, but was very astounded by the building itself. the rooms are elaborately decorated and many of the rooms have beautiful paintings on the ceilings.

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