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15 May 2005

along a wall in a stone

i'd gotten in from the night before at 7:30am. the cleaning person woke me up at approximately 11am. my mind wasn't functioning at a capacity adequate to form a sentence explaining to him that i wanted to sleep longer. not in english and not in french. he said he wanted to clean and the grinding gears in my head could only come up with 'uh, maintenant?'. he said 'oui.' merde. he came in and started making the beds. i thought that by helping him with the sheets i could speed along his exit. at first he seemed startled that i was helping him; after he seemed happy. we finished with the beds and i thought about more sleep. then he brought in the vacuum cleaner. blah. time to wake up.

the night before nico and friends had told me about a performance that was taking place in one of the parks in paris. nico and i had loose plans to meet up around 1:30 near one of the metro stops. managed to make it at around the right time. called nico; he was just waking up. understandably. he said he'd meet me in the park. i had some time to kill and i was in a park, so i did park things although i wasn't particularly in a park mood. heard drums and checked them; african dancing in the grass. nico found me next to green water near the skateramp [kick] and we stumbled across anthony and elise.

an american in paris; dancing along a wall in a stone throughway, women through the window, laughing. grenouille internet connection to check movie times, failed. fingerprint sensor: americans. goodbyes to anthony and elise [with plans to see them on tuesday] and nico and i went to see 'last days'. first a drink at an outdoor cafe and a four euro bottle of coke with lemon. encroche les pieds. the movie was stirring. back to the hotel.

posted by paul on Sun 15 May 2005 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


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