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14 July 2005

in an effort to repair myself

the ending day of my great journey north along the norwegian coast, a beautiful time. an early morning call to harstad at 0645. my transformation into a morning person was not quite so complete. i didn't join many of the others on the shore, choosing to remain on the nordlys to repair my broken sleep. it was breaking more and more with each day.

a short while after departing harstad, many passengers gathered in the stern for an 'arctic circle ceremony' at 1030. my estimate was far off, but i attended to watch king neptune congratulate the winner and initiate her and others into his kingdom by pouring icey water on the backs of their necks. king neptune looked quite a bit like the lead troll who had climbed aboard while the nordlys explored the trollfjord the day before, but of course, i knew that was impossible. took a ten kroner shower and packed up my things for a rainy arrival in tromso. my feelings; a bit sad to be departing the ship. i asked someone to capture a last image.

i contemplated walking to the hostel, but the rain intensified and dictated i find the 26 bus; later i'm glad that i did as the road to the hostel was uphill and remote. met australians andrew and ryan who gave me many helpful tips regarding their homeland. visited the nearby grocery store for the staple and while i ate my spaghetti and salad that evening, i descended into sickness. i'd been on a ship for the past four days and now back on land i found i was still moving back and forth uncontrollably. concentrate on one point; overpower with the mind, this isn't happening. but i couldn't and finally needed to retire in an effort to repair myself. the curtains in the hostel room did little to defeat the light. i pulled my hat over my eyes, spinning, and eventually drifted back and forth to sleep. i wondered if the food i'd been keeping in the unrefridgerated locker on the ship was adding its own story to that of the broken sleep and land sickness. i hoped not.

posted by paul on Thu 14 Jul 2005 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


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