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23 July 2005

overflowing with sketchiness

well, that's interesting. the room i was staying in had five beds; three singles and a bunk. ronnie and i were both in singles; one sketchy roommate was in the other single and the the other sketchy roommate was in the top bunk; other less sketchy roommate in bottom bunk. when i woke up i saw that two people were sleeping in the single next to me; one sketchy roommate and his equally sketchy new guy non.roommate friend. in summary, this room was overflowing with sketchiness.

i'd missed the national gallery on my previous trip to oslo. despite my general fatique, i was interested in seeing some paintings. a short walk and i was there. one token for the locker; no metal detector. as it turned out... i was completely wrong about munch's 'the scream'. the painting is _still missing_ along with 'the madonna'. another version of 'the scream' is on display, but it's not quite the same. a museum curator seemed somewhat embarrassed to give me this information.

back in the hostel, the sketchiness had died down. hung with ronnie for a while. he reminded me that tomorrow was sunday and that bus schedules might be different. good call. i walked downstairs and found bus information on the wall. all set to get to the airport.

another no picture day.

posted by paul on Sat 23 Jul 2005 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


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