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23 September 2005

never find me

my plan to take a well recommended bike tour of krakow failed when i woke up late. i spent the day wandering the city and took a nap in a park. upon waking for the second time today i found drool on my sweatshirt. inventory of my pockets checked out.

over to polanski's for some lunch. pretty much a regular. a self service restaurant. order, sit, wait for your number. the number came up and i went up to the front to grab my chicken cutlet. hmm, two identical chicken cutlet plates. i'll just take this one. back at the table the chicken seemed a little soft. taste. ah, fish. errr. hmm, not bad. i looked left and then right. they'll never find me. i'll just eat this delicious fish and they'll never know.

i had failed to look the one place she was standing... up.

'you took the wrong plate! that is fish. you ordered chicken.' her tone wasn't the typical american waitress 'oh, i think you made have made a mistake and taken the wrong plate.' oh no. she was giving me a stern talking to. ha! it was almost amusing... i'd heard these same waitresses lay into other customers (polish customers) for asking for things that weren't on the menu. i apologized and asked her what she wanted me to do. she stood over me staring for another few seconds letting me think about what i'd done. you just think about what you've done young man... you've taken the wrong plate. 'return the plate and take yours.' i returned the plate one bite less than i'd found it. grabbed the other, my chicken. yum. when i left i apologized again and she smiled and said 'that's all right. they look exactly the same.' um, exactly.

went out with a big crew from the hostel. ran into an equally matched group of germans and formed an international supergroup comprised of rock stars from germany, wales, ireland, australia, england, and america. late night.

das ist verboten.

posted by paul on Fri 23 Sep 2005 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


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