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30 October 2005

the ability to tear away

lee and i were down in leopold a little before 0800 to meet the bollywood recruiters and grab some breakfast. i expected to see a large group of travellers... the guy who had spoken to me yesterday said he was planning to recruit 20 people. leopold was virtually deserted and i immediately got a bad feeling about the situation. i pretty much made my mind up right then that i wouldn't be attending the shoot.

at around 0815 one of the guys i'd met the day before showed up and was standing outside the restaurant. lee and i weren't sure if he'd recognized us or if he was just waiting for others to show. we continued with our breakfast and at 0830 an english guy came in and apologized for the interruption, introduced himself as simon, and asked us if we were planning to attend the shoot. four foreigners had shown up... simon, two swedish girls, and one latvian girl. lee eventually decided to join them; i told them i'd pass. off they went in the taxi.

i hadn't been feeling very well this morning. not sure if it was a food reaction or the late last night was getting to me. the heavy heat here also has the ability to tear away at energy reserves. i returned to my hotel room, lied down in my bed, and slept for a full eight hours, shocking awake at about 1700. i couldn't believe that i'd slept that long, but apparently my body needed the rest.

i jumped in the shower and went to grab some food. the restaurant was packed, but after a brief wait, i sat down at a two person table and ordered my food. i was about halfway through my meal when the restaurant manager asked if i minded if he sat someone else at my table. the pre-trip me would have preferred to eat alone... sharing tables with strangers really isn't something that occurs in the states. the current me however was delighted to have some company. an indian man, ravinder pal, sat down and we began talking about his job and my travels. he was a construction manager from delhi, down in mumbai to supervise a project. he'd only stopped in to have a beer and departed soon after, but not before giving me his phone number and email address, telling me to contact him if i needed anything when i was in delhi. very nice guy.

about two minutes after pal had left... tap on the shoulder... lee was back from the shoot. apparently he'd had a lot of fun. particularly interesting to him was the troop of russian dancers who had performed at the shoot. ha. sounded like i'd missed out. still, i'd felt so drained in the morning that a long day of standing around would have been difficult.

we met up with the other recruits and kiran, a different casting recruiter, and headed over to a very nice rooftop bar overlooking the water. had a great night hanging with the bollywood stars.

posted by paul on Sun 30 Oct 2005 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


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