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03 November 2005

i can still feel

i was definitely excited to be in goa. i had a declicious omelette and goan bread at the hotel and was on the panjim streets by 1000 for a relaxing new city walk. the weather was beautiful, if just a little hot. it's very interesting... it's rare that you see an indian wearing shorts despite the intense heat. i planned to do some wandering on my own and then take a walking tour outlined in my guidebook. as has typically been the case on my new city walks in india, it wasn't long before i'd completely lost track of my location on the map and was taking turns arbitrarily. [wrong turn. he saw me.] one of the evil henchmen of the drumseller gang spotted me and descended on me like a vicious vulture.

henchman: 'nice drum. for you... very cheap. where are you doing?'

me: 'this direction...'

henchman: 'i'll come with you.' [they _always_ come with you.] 'you're going to the market?'

me: 'sure man... that's _exactly_ where i'm going. the freaking market. i just can't get enough. can't wait... let's go.'

i'll give him credit... he got the hint long before most of the others usually do and decided to prey on someone else. the sidetrack to the market put me back on one of the main strets in the vicinity of a computer store and i stopped in to see if they sold compact flash card readers. the salesman was at the opposite end of the spectrum as the drumseller and could barely have been bothered to look up from his newspaper to respond to my inquiry about the card reader. negative. i'm very close to being able to process the photos without my laptop... the card reader should be the last thing i need, but i'm guessing i'll have to wait until i get to bangalore before i'll be able to fine one.

by noon the sun was squezing the life from me and i decided to take a pitstop back at the hotel to cool down and change into shorts before starting the guide's walking tour. now, mind you, i was wearing my pants/shorts combo gear and could have converted on the fly, but the shorts of the combo are just a little too short and harken the days of colored striped tube socks and breakdancing [never mind that i still own the socks and can rock the 'glide' better than turbo], so i generaly prefer to just wear my regular pair of shorts rather than converting the pants. but i always have the option.

i spent a few hours walking the guided tour outlined in the book, passing the chapel of st. sebastian, the panjim inn, the maruti temple, the bishop's palace, the chief minister's residence, and the church of our lady of immaculate conception.

time to try out the city buses. calangute and baga were just up the coast and i wanted to check them out. i found the bus station easy enough, but it appeared chaos reigned as far as the schedules were concerned. it took several minutes to determine that in fact there _were_ no schedules (as far as i could tell). drivers shouted out their destination town and people climbed aboard. when the bus was full, it left.

had a very fun time on the bus and a nice time walking around calangute and up to baga. took the bus back and ate some more goan food: chicken xacuti, goan bread, chapati, and a very powerful goan spirit called fenny made from cashews. i can still feel the burn.

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