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09 November 2005

technology update

typically i would post this type of entry on the reconboard but there have been several updates with regard to technology, so i thought i'd post them here.

01. with regret i must report that most of the photos i took in mumbai, maharashtra, between 26 oct 2005 (the date of my arrival in india) and 01 nov 2005 may be lost. after my computer went into a coma on 26 oct 2005 i was forced to burn my photos onto cd's at a net cafe in vagator, goa. i burned two copies and confirmed that both could be read. i've tried reading those cd's at two subsequent net cafes; one cd is not recognized at all and most of the files on the other cd report an error message. unfortunately i was forced to delete most of those files from my compact flash card in order to make room for new photos. there is a small chance that i'll be able to retrieve the files from the cd's but most likely won't be able to do this until i've returned to the states.

02. i arrived in bangalore, karnataka, this morning after a 15 hour bus ride. i was able to purchase a usb card reader and i've just spent a few hours in a net cafe burning cd's of the latest pics. additionally i was able to resize 56 pictures taken between 01 nov 2005 and 08 nov 2005 in both mumbai and goa and have posted these pics in a new gallery.

general note about the pics: i reported this before, but i'm a little disappointed with my india pics. i'd feel a lot worse about losing the first week's pics if they were all amazing, but i really think about 95% were not up to standard. i do recall one specific keeper taken in mumbai that i regret losing, however. hopefully i'll be able to retrieve it from the cd at a later date.

03. the computer vendor received and revived my computer after transplanting the entire system board. thanks much to ivan and tim at portable one, inc. in california for the great service. now the problem at hand is shipping the computer back to me. i'm planning to make a reservation at a 'higher end' hotel in delhi and make sure that they'll be able to hold a package for me. on the upside, this will allow plenty of time for shipping (i won't arrive in delhi until 03 dec 2005), but on the downside this will mean i won't have my computer (and be able to easily process photos) for several weeks.

so... that's the latest. i'll admit it's been nice not having to worry about the computer lately, but the lack of a machine has really had a serious impact on my site updating capabilities (and the excess time spent in net cafes has been having a serious impact on my sanity as well).

posted by paul on Wed 09 Nov 2005 at 07:05:19 est (-05:00)


Hello, Paul. I'm Randy working at Pharmetrics. Saw this globalrecon on a post card hanging on the office frig. Looks like you're having some interesting experience.

I finally got a Treo 650. Wife and I are addicted to SMS.

Life is good, just some of the stuff in it sucks.


posted by Randy Grenier on Wed 09 Nov 2005 at 12:48:51 est (-05:00)

hey randy. great to hear from you! the only complaint i have about the treo 650 is that the audio jack seems a bit loose. i did some web research and found that others are experiencing the same problem. i got my treo right after it was released; hopefully the jack problem has been corrected in subsequent production runs. i'm going to have to break out the soldering gun when i get home.

posted by paul recon on Sat 12 Nov 2005 at 02:55:38 est (-05:00)

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