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09 November 2005

while my sanity gradually drained away

0730. arrival: bangalore. i was surprised at how well rested i felt. still, i needed a shower desperately. as i stepped off the bus and was swarmed by the rickshaw extortion collective, i still wasn't clear about my schedule. was i going to find a bus and continue on to chennai today?... or take an overnight bus this evening?... or stay a night in bangalore and continue the journey eastward domorrow? i told the collective to chill while i sat down on the sidewalk and perused my guidebook.

i didn't relish the thought of getting right back on a bus and wasn't really in the mood for another overnight ride. i decided i'd hang in the city for the day, see the sights, look for a usb card reader, get a good night's sleep, and then leave for chennai early the next morning. i wasn't in the mood to deal with any arguments about hotels and destinations. after a half hearted attempt to convince the drivers that i wanted to go to such and such hotel, i gave in and allowed them to work their high commission magic. i give myself unto you, oh mighty rickshaw extortion collective... take me where you will, charge me exorbitant rates, and collect your commission.

first stop: travel agent where i picked up a bus ticket for chennai. departure time: 0830 tomorrow morning.

second stop: hotel vittals. i paid a little extra for the room (as expected), but there would be hot water. glorious hot water. steamy glorious hot water. my first hot shower in two weeks! i carted my pack up to the third floor and immediately jumped in. ah! the water gradually began to cool after five minutes, but it didn't matter. hot water. what a luxury.

i spent the day wandering the city. train station, down to mg road where i was able to purchase a card reader, and then many hours in a net cafe processing pictures while my sanity gradually drained away. tried for a movie later in the evening, but the only film playing in english was transporter 2. transporter 2 i could do without.

posted by paul on Wed 09 Nov 2005 at 23:59:59 est (-05:00)


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