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02 December 2005

a varanasian gumcha


the global reconnaissance organization primary infrastructure is back online!

jonathan was dead on with his comment. the extra fedex payment turned out to be a duty charge... but not just any duty charge... a horrible wall to the face duty charge (do the math: the exchange rate is approximately rs45 for 1 usd.).

apparently there was some customs paperwork which i should have filled out when sending the computer back to the states. i made it very clear to the dhl employees that i was sending the computer for repairs and was expecting it to be shipped back to me in india and they said nothing about the required paperwork. when the computer was shipped back to india, i was charged duty on the full value of the laptop... a staggering rs10410. i had absolutely no recourse but to pay the money. blah!

to make matters worse, once i got the laptop back to the hotel, i discovered a new problem. the led which indicated the laptop was operating on ac power blinked on and off as if there were a loose connection somewhere in the power chain. fortunately, the problem turned out only to be a failing power adapter which i was able to replace at a laptop repair shop here in delhi.

so, close to $600 worth of shipping costs, duty charges, and replacement parts later... i'm back in business with my laptop. i'll do my best to get caught up with the blog over the next week, although i'll be flying to thailand on tuesday and the excitement of a new country might get in the way a bit. stay tuned.

posted by paul on Fri 02 Dec 2005 at 03:53:09 est (-05:00)


I'm glad both your laptop and your appearence
are back to the usual.

posted by Bob on Fri 02 Dec 2005 at 14:10:31 est (-05:00)

So when are you coming back to the States from your trip? So how do you like India? I was watching a documentary on HBO the other day, and it was about how bad the prostitution with kids is there. Have you seen that over there? It was really sad how parents will sell thier kids to pimps thinking they'll have a better life doing that then what they can offer because they're so poor over there. So what made you decide to pick up and leave everything to travel the world? I would love to do that. Do you think you'll ever move back to Vermont? What made you move away in the first place? Was it lack of jobs? I thought you would stay at Macro forever. lol Just kidding. I had fun working there. Even though there was a bunch of crazy people like john andies that worked there. You know what I remembered the other day? When you hand cuffed me at your show at 242 and you didn't believe me that some stranger walked up to me with a skeleton key and unlocked me. I thought you told her to unlock me. I'll never forget your face when I walked into work the next day and you saw that I had them off. LOL! It was so funny. I never got to ask you why you had hand cuffed me in the first place. So how come? (if you remember.) I almost didn't give you back your hand cuffs. So what did you do for thanksgiving since you weren't able to have it with your family? Are you having a christmas? Well I hope you have fun. w/b if you can....later Jennifer!

posted by Jennifer S on Sun 04 Dec 2005 at 19:10:13 est (-05:00)

I just forwarded the above photo to a friend at Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to cross match against their watch lists and yes, you matched 23 detailed classified photographic dossiers. I'd keep my hands out of my pockets on your return...

take care.

posted by s[a]tan on Sun 04 Dec 2005 at 19:33:50 est (-05:00)

hey paul -

just wanted to check in and say hi - it has been a while. your photos are coming out awesome and your stories are becoming increasingly interesting. i give you credit for traveling the world alone. i hesitate to leave my apartment.

hope all is well, and i look forward to hearing from you.


posted by prodigy on Wed 07 Dec 2005 at 19:45:28 est (-05:00)

jenn s: whoa! handcuffs!? i don't remember that. :) i'll try to answer all your questions in an email when i have a moment.

emperor: no worries. the global recon infiltration team has assured me that those dossiers will be dealt with by the time of my reentry.

z: thanks man. glad you dig. i'm having a killer time.

posted by paul recon on Tue 13 Dec 2005 at 04:57:40 est (-05:00)

lol I can't believe you don't remember that. I figured you would. It happened at 242 you and branden were standing next to me and you said "Saunders put out your hand , I have a present for you!" So stupid me believed you and put out my hand and that's when you cuffed me and just walked away laughing. lol you just kept walking by me laughing as I was saying Paul when are you going to un hand cuff me and you'd never answer me. Anyways I thought you would remember , but silly me you're a guy and guys never remember anything. lol talk to you later

posted by jen s on Tue 20 Dec 2005 at 12:40:42 est (-05:00)

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