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08 January 2006

wherein i'd blurred the night

i awoke the morning after as the desiccate dead with a mouth which cracked as if it hadn't been opened for one thousand years, a hurt that i hadn't felt before, a low tone pulsing in my head. i droned into the bathroom and the tone droned with me, it was there when i leaned over, turned on the shower to drown it away, and as i stared at the dry floor for the first five minutes not a drop of water fell, my skin absorbed it all like a sponge until i was full and the dead feeling fell away and my neck was able to lift my head, and only then i did i hear the water splashing. after the shower i floated across the floor [fortunately two rails had been set up on the floor and i was standing on a small cart equipped with wheels which rolled smoothly and silently across the rails. i was framed from the waist up. action. i stood still and two invisible people pushed the cart towards the door. and that's how i floated.] and i opened the door to the unexpected outside. if the door hinges hadn't been firmly bolted into the doorframe, the flood of bright laotian sunlight would have imploded the door and caused the cart with me in it to slide to the far side of the room; i quickly threw my arm up to cover my face. and then i stepped outside.

my room was on the first floor front, the noisy common area directly outside. the soft spoken thamisouk woman had told me there would be a room available on the second floor today. stopped into the reception area to drop off my laundry and check on the room; i'd need to come back after 1200. i walked down to the showdown street and had a slow showdown breakfast. damnit, i'd forgotten my revolver. over to use the internet, back after 1200 to a vacant reception.


i turned and saw leicester pritesh and mira sitting across the street, lounging on cushions. i smiled a big genuine smile, happy to see them, and walked over. they'd gotten into town two days before, had gone tubing down the river the day before. i hung and had some tasty coca-cola and bruscetta while they ate and then walked with pritesh across the river to the riverside bungalows while mira went to catch up with friends. brought a book and wanted to see the crossbow he bought in thailand. we had a hard time stringing it, not without the wood cracking. it was a real weapon, one bolt lost, sliced through a branch and into the ground. we never got any reading in, the original plan, as we met his neighbor, canadian loren, who we talked with at length about the questionable cleanliness of the river until mira returned. apparently laotian kids came every day to hammer at a berry bearing tree with long sticks; loren and his wife had a plan to hang strings of candy from the tree for the next hammering. _that_ was a great plan.

we eventually split; meet up at half nine by the orchid guesthouse. i took a nap and then met up near a laotian wedding far before the orchid, met amanda and ed from england, courtney was there, we walked back to the bar wherein i'd blurred the night before, but tonight would be a slow nothing night. eventually elaine and ben and mike found us. res [swi] and shiv [eng]. another giant crew and more pool. i walked home and struggled with my door for five minutes before i was able to unlock the lock. the rails were no longer on the floor.

posted by paul on Sun 08 Jan 2006 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


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