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10 January 2006

system sickness the night

transport day to the laotian capital, vientiane. i ran into swiss res on the way to breakfast and although he'd just finished eating, he joined me at the restaurant. we talked about our travel experiences and i told him how much i'd loved the swiss scenery. spent the rest of the morning chilling with pritesh and mira waiting for the bus to depart.

at 1330, a bus pulled up to the thamisouk, a load of passengers flooded out, we flooded in, and were off to our first stop... the nearby former american airstrip where we waited for about a half an hour for our driver to show up. finally off again. courtney had decided to join pritesh, mira, and i to vientiane after coming down with some type of digestive system sickness the night before. the sickness hit at some point during the bus journey south which required a pit stop at one of the small villages. from what i've heard, while foodborne illnesses may be most prevalent with foreigners, travel/motion related sickness resulting from bouncing buses and windy roads affects both tourists and locals alike and i've heard stories about locals sniffing some mysterious powder which apparently knocks them out for most of the journey.

we arrived in vientiane in the late afternoon and began the guesthouse search. i found a room first; we made plans to meet back at my guesthouse in 45 minutes for dinner. during the interim, i walked beside the river, watched a remote control jet [you can watch it too in this 2.26mb avi video], exchanged another amex check, got lost, and asked a tuk tuk driver for directions back to my guesthouse (no, sir, i wouldn't like a lady for tonight). the four of us had a great dinner at the rising moon cafe. for a capital city, vientiane served up the usual laotian chill.

posted by paul on Tue 10 Jan 2006 at 00:00:00 est (-05:00)


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