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20 February 2006

with a feeling that i couldn't stop if i wanted to


forgive me, reconites. as you may have noticed, i have been remiss in tending to my recon:one responsibilities as of late.

during the past month i travelled in the socialist republic of vietnam, over 2000 kilometers through a narrow north south country that had until then existed in my mind only as a blur of jungles and sadness on a screen, from hanoi to saigon; into the kingdom of cambodia through the killing fields of phnom penh to the crushing massive of the angkor temples near siem reap; back to the land of smiles, the kingdom of thailand, to bangkok. and all the while i filed not one report, wrote not one word while within, making only cursory notes to kick my memory for a day later. with apologies, that day must still remain later. and later i will try my best.

tomorrow i'll be departing on a five week long tour of the north and south islands of new zealand with a german named kai. unfortunately, part of the reason why the site has gone so long without an update is because i was travelling with someone else while i was in vietnam and cambodia... an energetic and adventurous 22 year old israeli with a mean scar named ori. i'm afraid it may be some time before i'm able to file another entry here; with a constant fellow traveller nearby it's sometimes difficult to find the discipline to become alone and write, but i'll do my best. as you may have read on the reconboard, kai and i recently purchased an above.level.devastating automobile, a 1992 nissan bluebird, which we'll use for the touring. if i don't have any new blog entries to post, i'll at least try to get some pics up using my cataract camera.

thanks for your understanding, reconites. six weeks until united states reentry. a part of me doesn't want it to end. another part of me is excited to get back. my insides are coming back home very full and very different with a feeling that i couldn't stop if i wanted to.

posted by paul on Mon 20 Feb 2006 at 04:46:42 est (-05:00)


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