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01 March 2006

standing on the end of the world


two volcanoes in three days! on monday kai and i hiked the tongariro crossing and summited mount ngauruhoe, the infamous mount doom in the lord of the rings trilogy. today we summited mount taranaki which stood in as mount fuji in the last samurai. i've posted the tongariro crossing gallery... mount taranaki pics will be coming soon.

[update 03 mar 2006: mount taranaki pics are up here! AND... if you can handle a giant 34mb download, you can watch an amusing 19 second video (complete with kicking soundtrack... make sure you have your volume cranked) of me running around on the taranaki summit... download the avi video here!]

posted by paul on Wed 01 Mar 2006 at 06:01:14 est (-05:00)


You look like a true mountain man...

posted by Kane on Thu 02 Mar 2006 at 15:32:14 est (-05:00)

Who are these strange fuckers?!? ;)

posted by Danilo on Fri 03 Mar 2006 at 16:31:55 est (-05:00)

saras first floor
site 4.0 she [saras] mom dad sis in boston tonight they went to dinner shes waitng 4 your return

posted by howard on Sat 04 Mar 2006 at 20:24:11 est (-05:00)

hey danilo! thanks for writing. to answer your question, i'm the attractive one on the left. the guy on the right is some verrueckter Deutscher i picked up in auckland.

posted by paul recon on Sun 05 Mar 2006 at 18:19:30 est (-05:00)

howard! thank you for writing. i'm excited to get home to see her... i miss her lots. expect me in mid-may. see you then!

posted by paul recon on Sun 05 Mar 2006 at 18:21:14 est (-05:00)

what's next? ...mt washington...katadin

posted by james on Mon 06 Mar 2006 at 08:36:57 est (-05:00)

james: all. :)

posted by paul recon on Sun 12 Mar 2006 at 16:58:25 est (-05:00)

Hey Paul! Quite the trip you're on, you'll have to write a book when you get back.

posted by Vanilla Christ on Wed 15 Mar 2006 at 18:11:28 est (-05:00)

nilla! great to hear from you. i checked vc.com a few months ago; looks like it's still down. hope all is cool with you. damn, i haven't been up to burlington in years... i need to take a trip up there when i get back.

posted by paul recon on Thu 16 Mar 2006 at 19:38:01 est (-05:00)

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