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24 August 2006

to stay on track

i'm reconsidering the september/october recontrip down to florida. i'd originally thought that i'd be able to pull off my training runs while on the road, but after reviewing my mileage schedule i think it would be extremely difficult to stay on track (and stay healthy and focused) if i were to be riding 300+ miles each day, attempting my training runs in the evening, and then camping overnight. i'll still be making a trip down to florida in the upcoming months, but unfortunately it might not be on for.great.justice. i think it makes the most sense to use september and october to concentrate on training and nutrition.

my foot is doing well. seven miles last saturday. nine miles this coming saturday. i'll be officially back on hal higdon's novice training schedule on 31 august barring any further issues.

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17 August 2006

today without much

the combination of piroxicam, stretching, and iceing has alleviated the pain in my ankle. i completed a five mile run today without much discomfort; saturday's seven mile run should be more of a challenge.

i need to take care of three things on for.great.justice before i depart on recontrip 2006.01.[20060906.20061018] on 06 september: 1. reinstall the premuffler that i removed a few weeks ago; 2. install a voltmeter; and 3. lubricate the drive splines. i also need to purchase a tent and a sleeping bag. i'll be on a strict budget on this trip and plan to camp while on the road in order to save money on accomodation.

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13 August 2006

now fully charged and ready

[image source: http://www.footphysicians.com/footankleinfo/peroneal-tendon.htm. click this link for information related to my running injury: peroneal tendonitis.]

i'm code green to continue training for the marathon. despite the dull pain wrapping around the back of my lateral left ankle (which, i believe, is affecting me more mentally than physically), i'll be doing my best to ramp up my mileage during the next few weeks in order to get back on schedule. my podiatrist recommended i not exceed ten daily miles before my follow-up appointment on 05 september.

i'm currently in the planning stages of a six week motorcycle excursion from massachusetts to florida and back in september and october 2006, organized under heading recontrip 2006.01.[20060906.20061018]. destinations will include washington, dc, and reconbases in lewisville, nc; the villages, fl; and ligonier, pa. i neglected to report earlier that for.great.justice is now fully operational. after a kawasaki shop was unable to verify the problem, i decided to take on the task myself. thanks to help from several members of vn750.com, i diagnosed and repaired the charging system problem a few weeks ago and for.great.justice is now fully charged and ready for transport. stay tuned for updates on recontrip 2006.01.[20060906.20061018].

lastly, i'll be making an appearance onstage with terretron at the rhode island noise fest 2006 on saturday 02 september. terretron recently released its first album, wither, which includes nine tracks of hard hitting electrocore; the first pressing has been limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. ordering instructions and additional information can be found at terretron.com.


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