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07 September 2006

able to catch the ignition

my podiatrist gave me the green light to continue training for el maratón at my follow-up appointment on thursday. as i already reported, the combination of stretching, iceing, and medication has significantly alleviated the discomfort associated with my peroneal tendonitis. i have approximately two months of time-consuming tediosity left. each training run makes me wish that november were now so that i could put the 26.2 marathon miles behind me. the training runs feel like something i just 'do' (no, this is not a nike reference); i'm rarely out of breath at the end of each run although my legs do feel fatigued after the long runs. i'm not sure how much progress i've been making, but i'm going through the motions and am shooting for all green in september and october.

overwhelmed by the recent static, i've decided to ride down to florida after all. recontrip 2006.01: engage. i'll be departing tomorrow. here is the tentative itinerary:

fri 08 sep: washington, dc
sat 09 sep: lewisville, nc
sat 16 sep: the villages, fl
sat 01 oct: ligonier, pa
mon 18 oct: boston, ma

i'm going to move some of the long runs to sunday and use friday and saturday as transport days. unfortunately i wasn't able to lubricate the drive splines on for.great.justice because i wasn't able to find the necessary parts, but i did install a voltmeter so that i'll be able to monitor the charging system. i'll be reinstalling the premuffler at reconbase nc.

with luck the atlantis launch will be delayed until the end of september and i'll be able to catch the ignition firsthand.

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