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05 November 2006

trample the weak. hurdle the dead.


i had absolutely zero idea of how gigantic this day would be. i'll expand in a future entry once i've rested a bit and have time to pick the words i want (i'm a bit tired as i woke up at 05:40 and decided to take the long way in to central park from staten island). suffice it to say, i completed the 2006 new york city marathon in 4 hours, 32 minutes, and 23 seconds and had the most amazing day of days (words can't begin right now, but i'll think of some that might later). thank you to everyone who encouraged and supported me and wished me luck... i really appreciate it. here are two quick (well, one's not quite so quick at 37mb) avi videos to check:

[2.6mb avi video] i'd just seen someone holding a sign which said 'your feet are hurting because you're kicking so much ass.' another noteworthy sign read 'trample the weak. hurdle the dead.'

[37.3mb avi video] this one was taken by my mom at mile 15 in queens. dig my sexy short shorts and my day-gloTM white magic marathon sticks (aka my legs) as i run away.

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