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21 March 2007

the winter is over.

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so i don't forget

i will write them down so i don't forget.

closer to the untouchable closer to the later:

. learn to play 'dueling banjos'.
. learn japanese.
. race a tornado.
. build a log cabin.
. run from marathon to athens in greece.
. build an indoor beehive.
. ride a motorcycle from the arctic circle to the land of fire.
. stand at the southernmost point on the surface of the earth.

closer to the touchable closer to the now:

. heal the broken stator in for.great.justice
. establish an intimate relationship with red wine
. transfer forty.five minutes of sound from my head to my computer
. find my bicycle and celebrate with a midnight ride
. cook a delicious meal for ten people
. qualify for the 2008 boston marathon
. for me: [a.g.l]

in the intangible:

. for me: [social experiment: seek the uncomfortable]


. see beyond the surface to the inside. there is something inside.
. take a photo of raw emotion.

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19 March 2007

the missing

more of the missing. hope for him.


less of the missing.


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