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19 May 2007

even the slightest amount

i'm stuck in boston due to the weather. while it's only drizzling outside, even the slightest amount of precipitation greatly detracts from the motorcycle experience and so i'm going to wait until the weather clears before i depart. anxious.

you may have noticed that i missed last wednesday's day of cake as i was busy preparing for the upcoming trip. i must unfortunately postpone the day of cake until i return to boston as i will be away from facilities and equipment essential to building cakes.

i've completed a few of my missions.

. learn to play 'dueling banjos': 100% [i don't have the speed yet, but i'm close. need to find a guitar player. gigantic thanks to my parents for my banjo birthday present.]

. heal the broken stator in for.great.justice: 100% [already mentioned in the 17 may 2007 press release, gigantic thanks to josh for helping with the repairs.]

. find my bicycle and celebrate with a midnight ride: 100% [gigantic thanks to sky for giving me his two wheeled terror.]

you've been great and we've been megadeth.

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17 May 2007

globalrecon.org press release 17 may 2007

on friday 18 may 2007 global reconnaissance organization [www.globalrecon.org] agent recon:one will be departing gro headquarters in boston, massachusetts, on a coast to coast to coast roadtrip of the united states of america with scheduled stops at reconbases in ligonier, pennsylvania; austin, texas; san francisco, california; and golden, colorado. he expects to return to boston at the end of june 2007. this trip will be organized under heading recontrip 2007.01.[20070518.200706..].

recon:one will be traveling over 7000 miles [11265 km] on gro vehicle for.great.justice, a 1991 kawasaki vulcan vn750 motorcycle. per usual, he will be documenting the trip, posting photos, trip notes, and statistics under the gallery and itinerary sections of the official gro website, www.globalrecon.org.

the global reconnaissance organization would like to extend its sincere thanks to joshua calvi for masterminding the repairs and maintenance of for.great.justice. without josh's help replacing a failed stator which operates to recharge the vehicle's battery, recontrip 2007.01.[20070518.200706..] would not have been possible. the organization would also like to thank jennifer and james hunter for providing essential camping gear.

texas is the reason.

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09 May 2007

you don't need the lemon poundcake.


"give me that lemon poundcake, man."

"you don't need the lemon poundcake."

"i want the lemon poundcake!"

"what? what!?"


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02 May 2007

overwhelmed by its magnificent delectability


where once there were merely carrots... now there is. CAKE!

this deliciously heavy carrot cake represents my first building constructed entirely from scratch. let there be. CAKE! all who have tasted its heaviness have been overwhelmed by its magnificent delectability.

i say again. CAKE!

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