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04 June 2007

i've known you from old

gonna build me log cabin
on a mountain so high
so i can see willie
as he goes passing by

oh the coo-coo, she’s a pretty bird
she wobbles as she flies
she never says coo-coo
'til the fourth day july

i’ve played cards in england
i’ve played cards in spain
i’ll bet you ten dollars
i beat you next game

jack o' diamonds, jack o' diamonds
i’ve known you from old
you’ve robbed my poor pocket
all my silver and my gold

my horses ain’t hungry
they won’t eat your hay
i’ll ride on a little further
i’ll feed ‘em on my way

: traditional appalachian lyric

“i don’t know if other people sing it the way i do or not... and i don’t care.” : clarence ashley

i've traveled over two thousand two hundred miles on my motorcycle from boston, massachusetts, to austin, texas. now it's time to move on. immense thanks to kirsten and tim for their overwhelming hospitality. i've inventively repacked my motorcycle and will be shipping my pack to san francisco to accomodate a passenger who will be joining me on the next leg of the trip from austin to san diego.

posted by paul on Mon 04 Jun 2007 at 02:33:09 est (-05:00)


ass cash or grass! no one rides for free!

good luck bro, glad to hear justice is keeping you in the wind!

posted by terretron on Wed 06 Jun 2007 at 10:45:54 est (-05:00)

dude, don't leave us hanging! you riding nuts to butt or cooch to crack now?

posted by terretron on Thu 07 Jun 2007 at 09:51:06 est (-05:00)

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