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19 June 2007

a scorched earth field


i relived the heaviness of the pacific coast highway with ryan on thursday to discover a road still heavier, the nacimiento-fergusson which led us high into the mountains over the pacific through narrows and twists i'd never before. two missed collisions before we arrived at the checkpoint to the hunter liggett military base, a friendly man with a prosthetic ear wrote us a pass on pink paper and told us about his rides, and after a things to come stressed start of the magna we rode on past a scorched earth field empty but for a tank and a coyote. we were low on fuel and the magna began losing power as we turned right out of the base, the closest station eight miles away in lockwood. less than a mile later, the magna was no longer running and justice and i rode on past lockwood, relieved to find the most expensive fuel and brought back a gallon.

fresh fuel did little to revive ryan's bike and so back and forth on jolon road, five back and forths as i recall at the magna's new top speed of 45mph, to fayder's through the closed gate where a very sweet woman with two bottom teeth and her husband were not able to help us, and a pig, we left for king city and however close we were to throwing the magna over a small cliff or hiding it behind the teague avenue sign, we arrived at motel six with both bikes, departed for the grill where we found less than zero action, and returned with 748ml 2002 sutter home merlot contained in four tiny green glass bottles with twist-off caps, important; 1892ml natural ice contained in two brown glass bottles; 375ml southern comfort contained in one clear glass bottle; 946ml orange gatorade contained in one clear plastic bottle; 946ml of aquafina brand water contained in one clear plastic bottle; one turkey and swiss cheese sandwich, and one bag baked lays potato chips.

the morning after we attempted another return only to fail a few miles into bitterwater road, back to king city where ryan paid one hundred seventy-six dollars to rent a uhaul truck for the magna, up route twenty-five through windy roads and golden hills, finally to foxford in the evening.

this evening i changed the oil and spark plugs in justice in anticipation of the return continental crossing.

posted by paul on Tue 19 Jun 2007 at 03:42:09 est (-05:00)


bike that's been in my shop: 1
bike that hasn't been in my shop: 0

*drinks quart of motor oil and lights cig with blow torch*

posted by terretron on Wed 20 Jun 2007 at 09:15:39 est (-05:00)

no one denies you are a badass.

posted by paul recon on Wed 20 Jun 2007 at 16:30:39 est (-05:00)

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