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23 September 2007

she takes no prisoners

there is a fall in texas. i have seen it. the leaves are still green and i have seen them too.

a beautiful beast lives on the other side of the glass of the living room door and spins her web there almost every evening. she takes no prisoners. i have seen her.

kingdom: animalia
phylum: arthropoda
subphylum: chelicerata
class: arachnida
order: araneae
suborder: opisthothelae
infraorder: araneomorphae
family: araneidae
genus: neoscona
species: crucifera

i arrived in texas on 11 september 2007. on tuesday i'll have been here two weeks.

i've ridden my bicycle to the capitol building and back. i've seen a movie at the alamo drafthouse. i've gone to see bands two times, one time at the hole in the wall where i heard a very talented clawhammer banjo player and a girl with a sweet country voice and one time at elysium where i saw one man play an entire stage filled with drums. i've visited with friends twice; once there i met two new nice people. i learned how to play mexican train, the first time in my life that i've played a dominoes game, and i ate a hot dog topped with tomatoes, onions, and avacado, another first. i've sent my resume out seven times and have received one call which i'll return on monday. i've finished two books: edward abbey's the monkey wrench gang and kurt vonnegut's a man without a country and i've decided i need to read much more. and i will. i've installed fedora linux on one of my machines and successfully installed and configured a wireless card.

i like my mp3 player. it is small and light and has sustained many drops without damage. music is so important. at times it's the most important. i want to play music again. i really miss it.

current missions: read and watch. learn origins. learn why. uncomfortable social situations. expand. absorb. soak.

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13 September 2007

buying bread from a man in brussels

i now live in texas.

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