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16 February 2009

been there. run that.

nov 2006: nyc marathon: 4:32:23

feb 2009: austin marathon: 4:14:14

my legs currently operate at 40% capacity.

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12 February 2009

trample the weak. hurdle the dead.


on the morn of this sunday february fifteenth two thousand and nine of the common era my magic running sticks will again carry me twenty-six and one fifth miles... this time around downtown austin, texas, of these united states of america, beginning at seven of the clock ante meridiem central standard time on congress avenue, just south of the capital building of this great state.

said sticks carry me approximately one mile every nine minutes and fifty seconds and so i expect to finish the distance close to eleven and one half of the clock ante meridiem central standard time.

i hate running, but this day will be packed full of magic and i once again possess sticks to exploit said magic.

check the full course map here:


yes i will be wearing short shorts.

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