25 May 2009

globalrecon.org has moved.

globalrecon.org has moved to a new server. software has been updated. please let us know at webmaster [at] [this domain] if you note any broken links or loss of functionality. we'll be taking care of a few organizational issues in the coming weeks.

the global reconnaissance organization high command

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17 May 2007

globalrecon.org press release 17 may 2007

on friday 18 may 2007 global reconnaissance organization [www.globalrecon.org] agent recon:one will be departing gro headquarters in boston, massachusetts, on a coast to coast to coast roadtrip of the united states of america with scheduled stops at reconbases in ligonier, pennsylvania; austin, texas; san francisco, california; and golden, colorado. he expects to return to boston at the end of june 2007. this trip will be organized under heading recontrip 2007.01.[20070518.200706..].

recon:one will be traveling over 7000 miles [11265 km] on gro vehicle for.great.justice, a 1991 kawasaki vulcan vn750 motorcycle. per usual, he will be documenting the trip, posting photos, trip notes, and statistics under the gallery and itinerary sections of the official gro website, www.globalrecon.org.

the global reconnaissance organization would like to extend its sincere thanks to joshua calvi for masterminding the repairs and maintenance of for.great.justice. without josh's help replacing a failed stator which operates to recharge the vehicle's battery, recontrip 2007.01.[20070518.200706..] would not have been possible. the organization would also like to thank jennifer and james hunter for providing essential camping gear.

texas is the reason.

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12 February 2007

the collective

i have no idea who this is. he's apparently a fan.


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02 February 2007

the center of the world

always interesting to see what search strings have brought visitors to the global reconnaissance organization headquarters. continue to see the list.

ram guest house pondicherry
siva guest house mamallapuram
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global recon
arambol guesthouse
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longitude is measured starting from greenwich england...where would the center of the world be
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08 June 2006

globalrecon.org press release 08 june 2006

on wednesday 07 june 2006 the global reconnaissance organization [http://www.globalrecon.org] received an electronic transmission from officials in charge of the new york marathon which provided run clearance codes for globalrecon agent recon:one. the codes have been validated. the transmission is official.

the global reconnaissance organization is pleased to announce that agent recon:one will be running the 2006 new york marathon on sunday 05 november 2006.

agent recon:one, who was selected from an applicant pool of over 90,000, will be running the 26.22 mile [42.195 km] marathon with over 35,000 entrants from more than 100 countries and all 50 united states. he'll begin training on 19 june 2006. status updates will be posted on www.globalrecon.org.

"i'm going to run this race like a lightning bolt to the heart. my heart."
: agent recon:one

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06 April 2006

globalrecon.org press release 06 april 2006

the global reconnaissance organization is pleased to announce that after one year of continuous global reconnaissance, agent recon:one has returned to the united states of america. he is currently stationed in san francisco, california, awaiting level m transport clearance and will return to boston headquarters by 15 may 2006.

recon:one travelled in the following countries during recontour 2005-2006:

the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland
czech republic
the netherlands
new zealand
the united states of america

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04 April 2006



united states of america reinsertion on wednesday 05 april 2006! AAAAHHHHH! through the wonders of the international dateline time machine, my plane will depart auckland at 1915 on wednesday and arrive in san francisco the same day seven hours earlier! kung ->[POW!]<-

i'm going to be staying with my supercool friends ryan and michelle and their two supercool daughters in san francisco for a couple of weeks. during that time i'll be transferring my massachusetts drivers license to a california license, taking a 15 hour motorcycle safety course (which will allow me to get my california license motorcycle endorsement without taking a road test) and buying a motorcycle. the last leg of recontour 2005-2006 will be a united states of america cross country motorcycle extravaganza... first destination will be ligonier, pennsylvania, where i'll hang with my dad and stepmother and attend a friend's wedding on 29 april... second and final destination will be boston, massachusetts... i expect to get back to boston sometime in the middle of may. wow. WOW. ->[WOW]<-

i plan on writing up a summary entry as well as an entry reviewing all of the equipment i've been travelling with (what i brought that i never used, what i didn't bring that i could have used, etc.). i'm also planning to print some of my photos and maybe have a photo exhibition in boston sometime in june or july... if you have a favorite globalrecon photo, let me know!

wow. i'm coming home.

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20 February 2006

with a feeling that i couldn't stop if i wanted to


forgive me, reconites. as you may have noticed, i have been remiss in tending to my recon:one responsibilities as of late.

during the past month i travelled in the socialist republic of vietnam, over 2000 kilometers through a narrow north south country that had until then existed in my mind only as a blur of jungles and sadness on a screen, from hanoi to saigon; into the kingdom of cambodia through the killing fields of phnom penh to the crushing massive of the angkor temples near siem reap; back to the land of smiles, the kingdom of thailand, to bangkok. and all the while i filed not one report, wrote not one word while within, making only cursory notes to kick my memory for a day later. with apologies, that day must still remain later. and later i will try my best.

tomorrow i'll be departing on a five week long tour of the north and south islands of new zealand with a german named kai. unfortunately, part of the reason why the site has gone so long without an update is because i was travelling with someone else while i was in vietnam and cambodia... an energetic and adventurous 22 year old israeli with a mean scar named ori. i'm afraid it may be some time before i'm able to file another entry here; with a constant fellow traveller nearby it's sometimes difficult to find the discipline to become alone and write, but i'll do my best. as you may have read on the reconboard, kai and i recently purchased an above.level.devastating automobile, a 1992 nissan bluebird, which we'll use for the touring. if i don't have any new blog entries to post, i'll at least try to get some pics up using my cataract camera.

thanks for your understanding, reconites. six weeks until united states reentry. a part of me doesn't want it to end. another part of me is excited to get back. my insides are coming back home very full and very different with a feeling that i couldn't stop if i wanted to.

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31 December 2005

the magic exploding bus

i just checked the globalrecon.org stats and readership has been on the rise lately. here is a list of search strings that brought readers to the site (my favorite is 'big king cobra snakes biting your neck')...

map schindler's poland
jolly jolly roma goa
schindler factory krakow address
kaspar site www.globalrecon.org
jolly jolly lester
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arambol photos
kultury i nauki describe
ms nordlys
gigi d allesio
piya guesthouse goa
why do indians shake their head sideways when saying yes
piya guest house arambol
goan food nov. 2005
german israeli partying
[the berzerker - 05.world of tomorrow . 2 24
shannon airport transport ennis ire
michelangelo s david current location
organization iron
goa to bangalore bus reservation
piya guest house phone number arambol goa
mother theresa's organization
art venus de milo silouhette
how to plan a recon mission
ravinder pal singapore
going from bangalore to chennai
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got my vaccination today
the other side of the giant s causeway
strawberry jam from krakow poland
dr rohit barman phone number
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photos of indian crait snake
hostel changing clothes
organization of a complete grammer
africa china
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tempus perditur
law budget ship fare mumbai to goa
rs210 bike
ram guesthouse pondicherry
malhotra restaurant
piya guesthouse
praha pickpocket police tram
bangkok switzerland tour
travel clinic in boston
garmin slovakia road unlock
the black sabbath show avi
madonna from cesky krumlov 1400
god of thunder in danish
prague train stops in katowice
ear burning sensation
where saint peter is barried
jolly jolly lester goa
fog egypt greenhouse misting
bruce lee quote i fear not a man
2005 american industrial organization guestbook
bus schedule pontorson mont-st-michel
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torture flight to glasgow april 20 2005
bus from cesky krumlov to brno
coordinates of rammstein military base
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nehru planting
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auditory exhibit
mental hospital and 1915 and czech republic
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goa vagator jolly julie
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decorating cathedral entrance entryway
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global recon journal
treo 650 audio jack problem
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ave maria guesthouse arambol
pictures of mount monte rossa in switzerland
bus station delhi
airport delays delhi india december 2005
plywood shops in goa panjim
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picture of afonso guest house in goa
global recon
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men urinating outdoor
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snakes catching equipment in mumbai
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siting and urinating
organization drowning
u shaped nails
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student accomodation in bodo norway
custom of the coronation chair church women
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details of sexodrome paris
julie jolly
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big king cobra snakes biting your neck
siva guest house mamallapuram
blueprints of the floors hogwarts on the map
organization norway consumer
italian singer gigi d allesio
low amniotic fluid bed rest gunjan
piya guesthouse arambol
twinrix bangkok
jolly jolly roma goa india
vagator party people photos
indian baby names sri charni
german flight attendant shirts
arambol priya guest house
free wifi sodermalm cafe
how many twinrix shots are required
hotel hilson - 4 sudder street
horn ok please
prince torch gun in mumbai
indian reconnaissance
piya arambol
hungarian opera house umbrella
organization gallery album
repair nehru place
siva guesthouse
jolly lester
gokul bar
detailed street map for bratislava slovakia 1940 czech republic
merry band

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09 November 2005

technology update

typically i would post this type of entry on the reconboard but there have been several updates with regard to technology, so i thought i'd post them here.

01. with regret i must report that most of the photos i took in mumbai, maharashtra, between 26 oct 2005 (the date of my arrival in india) and 01 nov 2005 may be lost. after my computer went into a coma on 26 oct 2005 i was forced to burn my photos onto cd's at a net cafe in vagator, goa. i burned two copies and confirmed that both could be read. i've tried reading those cd's at two subsequent net cafes; one cd is not recognized at all and most of the files on the other cd report an error message. unfortunately i was forced to delete most of those files from my compact flash card in order to make room for new photos. there is a small chance that i'll be able to retrieve the files from the cd's but most likely won't be able to do this until i've returned to the states.

02. i arrived in bangalore, karnataka, this morning after a 15 hour bus ride. i was able to purchase a usb card reader and i've just spent a few hours in a net cafe burning cd's of the latest pics. additionally i was able to resize 56 pictures taken between 01 nov 2005 and 08 nov 2005 in both mumbai and goa and have posted these pics in a new gallery.

general note about the pics: i reported this before, but i'm a little disappointed with my india pics. i'd feel a lot worse about losing the first week's pics if they were all amazing, but i really think about 95% were not up to standard. i do recall one specific keeper taken in mumbai that i regret losing, however. hopefully i'll be able to retrieve it from the cd at a later date.

03. the computer vendor received and revived my computer after transplanting the entire system board. thanks much to ivan and tim at portable one, inc. in california for the great service. now the problem at hand is shipping the computer back to me. i'm planning to make a reservation at a 'higher end' hotel in delhi and make sure that they'll be able to hold a package for me. on the upside, this will allow plenty of time for shipping (i won't arrive in delhi until 03 dec 2005), but on the downside this will mean i won't have my computer (and be able to easily process photos) for several weeks.

so... that's the latest. i'll admit it's been nice not having to worry about the computer lately, but the lack of a machine has really had a serious impact on my site updating capabilities (and the excess time spent in net cafes has been having a serious impact on my sanity as well).

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02 November 2005

"i fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once, but i fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times."

the global reconnaissance organization: coming at you like one well-rehearsed kick to the head: [!POW!] in the month of october 2005, this site was visited by computer users in 60 different countries!:

algeria [.dz]
argentina [.ar]
australia [.au]
austria [.at]
bangladesh [.bd]
belgium [.be]
brazil [.br]
canada [.ca]
chile [.cl]
china [.cn]
colombia [.co]
croatia [.hr]
czech republic [.cz]
denmark [.dk]
estonia [.ee]
finland [.fi]
france [.fr]
germany [.de]
great britain [.gb]
greece [.gr]
guatemala [.gt]
hong kong [.hk]
hungary [.hu]
india [.in]
indonesia [.id]
iran [.ir]
ireland [.ie]
israel [.il]
italy [.it]
japan [.jp]
jordan [.jo]
malaysia [.my]
mexico [.mx]
netherlands [.nl]
new zealand [.nz]
nigeria [.ng]
norway [.no]
philippines [.ph]
poland [.pl]
portugal [.pt]
romania [.ro]
russian federation [.ru]
senegal [.sn]
singapore [.sg]
slovak republic [.sk]
slovenia [.si]
south africa [.za]
south korea [.kr]
spain [.es]
sweden [.se]
switzerland [.ch]
taiwan [.tw]
thailand [.th]
turkey [.tr]
ukraine [.ua]
united arab emirates [.ae]
united states [.us]
venezuela [.ve]
vietnam [.vn]
yugoslavia [.yu]

i get a significant amount of comment spam through the movable type blog interface, but surely not all of the october site visits were spam related. so, as long as you're not suggesting an online poker site or offering free ringtones, please feel free to post any comments, suggestions, questions, and/or feedback... or just say hello and introduce yourself. i want to hear from you! you can post comments related to a specific entry in the form located at the end of each entry or start a completely new thread on the reconboard. bring it. on.

[ the subject quote is by bruce lee. ]

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23 October 2005

03 - 23 october summary

monday 3 october
naples, italy -> florence, italy: train delayed. marko and the luna rossa.

tuesday 4 october
florence, italy: got up early to make reservations at the uffize and accademia; marko took over the call and accomplished the mission. new city walk. the city is in fact american. restaurant: hassan!

wednesday 5 october.
florence, italy: uffizi. accademia, michelangelo's david. giant.

thursday 6 october
florence, italy -> pisa, italy -> milan, italy: get in late. sketchy hotel monopole at 50 euro a night. dinner with marta. light rain.

friday 7 october
milan, italy: hang with marta. castle. rainy day. food. bar.

saturday 8 october
milan, italy -> zurich, switzerland: meet indian australian sharif. go out for a new city walk in the dark, one of the first.

sunday 9 october
zurich, switzerland: walk. chill by the park. write at night.

monday 10 october
zurich, switzerland -> lucerne, switzerland: with sharif. cruise around with sharif. much climbing in the city ramparts.

tuesday 11 october
lucerne, switzerland: hike half of mount pilatus by myself. meet george and then andrew and ken in the evening.

wednesday 12 october
lucerne, switerland: hike mount pilatus with george. gigantic day.

thursday 13 october
lucerne, switzerland -> interlaken, switzerland: with george. nothing day. chill and eat.

friday 14 october
interlaken, switzerland: hike lauterbrunnen -> wengen -> mannlichen with george.

saturday 15 october
interlaken, switzerland: trummelbach falls with george.

sunday 16 october
interlaken, switzerland: nothing day. george left for venice, italy.

monday 17 october
interlaken, switzerland -> geneva, switzerland: meet marlon and james (aus).

tuesday 18 october
geneva, switzerland: tour the city with james. flight geneva, switzerland -> amsterdam, the netherlands. meet up with matt.

wednesday 19 october
amsterdam, the netherlands: late morning. downtown.

thursday 20 october
amsterdam, the netherlands: another late morning. downtown. casino mission.

friday 21 october
amsterdam, the netherlands: yet another late morning. downtown. begin india planning.

saturday 22 october
amsterdam, the netherlands: four hours of trip planning on the internet. rain. anne frank house: original diary: wow. marks showing height on the walls. check train times. phone calls.

sunday 23 october
amsterdam, the netherlands: more internet planning. more rain. van gogh museum.

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03 September 2005

for those in situation critical

my thoughts are with the victims of the katrina disaster in the southern united states. a friend sent me a link for a livejournal blog being published by someone currently in new orleans who is sharing firsthand experiences of the disaster: survival of new orleans. very moving. if you're getting your news from the television or the newspaper, this will give you an entirely new perspective on the situation.

make a secure online donation at the red cross website.

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21 June 2005

phase ii outstanding: 17 may - 21 june

may : france

11-18 paris
17-17 versailles
18-20 bayeax
20-21 pontorson
20-20 mont st. michel
21-24 saint malo
23-23 cancale/pointe du grouin
24-26 bordeaux
26-29 biarritz
28-28 bayonne

may/june : spain

29- 1 san sebastian
1- 2 bilbao
2- 2 burgos
2- 5 madrid
4- 4 segovia
5- 8 granada
8- 8 guejar sierra
9-13 barcelona
13-14 girona

may: germany

14-14 frankfurt
14-15 berlin

may: united states

16-21 winston salem, north carolina

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