09 May 2007

you don't need the lemon poundcake.


"give me that lemon poundcake, man."

"you don't need the lemon poundcake."

"i want the lemon poundcake!"

"what? what!?"


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02 May 2007

overwhelmed by its magnificent delectability


where once there were merely carrots... now there is. CAKE!

this deliciously heavy carrot cake represents my first building constructed entirely from scratch. let there be. CAKE! all who have tasted its heaviness have been overwhelmed by its magnificent delectability.

i say again. CAKE!

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25 April 2007

let there be CAKE!


...and on the 25th day of april, skater jon was born and he said 'let there be cake!'... and behold! there was cake!

as coincidence would have it, my roommate's birthday has fallen on the first day of cake and per his request i've pushed back the schedule of events to construct his favorite... the classic yellow moist supreme covered in rich and creamy triple chocolate fudge chip frosting! um... yum?

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19 April 2007

the day of cake

wednesday is now the day of cake. each wednesday, provided i have access to a kitchen and the requisite equipment, i will bake a cake and post pictures of said cake here. i take requests but priority will be given to those who will actually be consuming the cake. with apologies, i cannot ship cakes but i could be convinced to deliver cakes if there were some tasty dinner waiting for me at the delivery address.

schedule of events:

25 april 2007: carrot cake [*]
02 may 2007: lemon cake
09 may 2007: tres leches cake [* #]

* by request
# cake construction dependent on location status

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