30 June 2007

orange eyes reflecting


i'm in fulton, missouri. it is raining.

thursday night i built the first campfire of this trip in kanopolis state park [check this 18.4mb avi video for the full effect]. my hissing did little to deter an audacious raccoon prospecting my backpack in the early morning darkness, orange eyes reflecting back my light. in the morning i discovered why justice had been so uncharacteristically unwieldy in corners and the gas mileage had dropped significantly; the rear tire was flat. a kmart patch and a pvc grill cover to protect my banjo from the kansan rain; i arrived in fulton, mo, friday evening. saturday morning was occupied by two hundred and seven dollars of fresh jefferson city tire and a misting rain. tomorrow i will ride the longest daily motorcycle ride of my life; seven hundred and thirty-six miles from fulton, mo, to ligoner, pa.

massive amounts of thanks to my brother in golden for letting me crash. equally massive amounts of thanks to huck in fulton for the same.

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