04 August 2009

you are on the way to destruction. what you say !!

austin, texas -> new braunfels/gruene, texas -> austin, texas

the devil's backbone, the winding river road along the guadalupe, and small meandering roads in the texas hill country: view route

183.47 miles round trip.

i bought a 1975 honda cb750f a few weeks ago and have been going through the process of transferring the title to my name. the bike has passed through at least three owners since the title was signed over in march of 1988. i'm two steps into the three step process of obtaining a bonded title and hope to have that taken care of by the end of this week. the previous owner was planning a complete rebuild and meticulously photographed the entire disassembly process. unfortunately, due to a back injury, he had to abandon the project. i'll be rebuilding the bike in the new global reconnaissance headquarters, dubbed eastern bloc industries, in east austin, beginning next month.

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05 July 2009

all your base are belong to us.


austin, texas -> egypt, texas -> freeport/surfside beach/galveston/houston, texas [the atlantic ocean of the gulf of mexico] -> austin, texas

71 -> 90 -> 3013 -> 102 -> 1301 -> 36 -> 332 -> 3005 -> 45 -> 10 -> 610 -> 290 : view route

471.45 miles round trip.

photo from egypt, texas, is here.

i opened a twitter account under username 'globalrecon' and will be blasting from these bike trips. rest assured i won't subject followers to my daily happenings; i'll only be posting about travel and music related projects. tune in if you're interested.

i've been doing a lot of work on for.great.justice recently and may be posting a maintenance log on this site at some point. on friday i replaced all of the rubber in the petcock, discovered that the reserve tube was missing, and installed two inline fuel filters. justice feels like 2006 again. many thanks to the great people at vn750.com for all of their help.

america: fuck yeah! happy fourth of july.

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29 June 2009

it's you !! how are you gentlemen !!


austin, texas -> utopia, texas -> austin, texas

35 -> 46 -> 16 -> 407 -> 187 -> 337 -> 16 -> 290.

299.97 miles round trip.

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22 June 2009

we get signal. what ! main screen turn on.


austin, texas -> kingsland, texas -> austin, texas

35 -> 71 -> 281 -> 1431 -> 183 -> 35

161.57 miles round trip.

this house has special significance. look at it hard. then click here.

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09 June 2009

in a.d. 2101 war was beginning.


austin, texas -> luckenbach, texas -> austin, texas

35 -> 12 -> 281 -> 1888 -> 290

justice is in top form after a clutch replacement and a thorough carburetor cleaning. we'll turn the 40k mile mark within the week.

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05 April 2008

a day of consequence

05 april 2005: boston, massachusetts, usa -> london, england, uk

05 april 2006: auckland, new zealand -> san francisco, california, usa

05 april 2007: boston, massachusetts, usa

05 april 2008: austin, texas, usa

tempus fugit.

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19 December 2007

the road to salvation

If you turn to the Bible -- Isaiah Chapter 35, Verse 8 -- you will see a passage that in part says, "A highway shall be there, and a road, and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness."

Now, is it possible that this "highway" mentioned in Chapter 35 is actually Interstate 35 that runs through six U.S. states, from southern Texas to northern Minnesota? Some Christians have faith that is indeed the case.

It was with that interesting belief in mind that we decided to head to Texas, the southernmost state in the I-35 corridor, to do a story about a prayer campaign called "Light the Highway."

Churchgoers in all six states recently finished 35 days of praying alongside Interstate 35, but the prayers are still continuing.

Some of the faithful believe that in order to fulfill the prophecy of I-35 being the "holy" highway, it needs some intensive prayer first. So we watched as about 25 fervent and enthusiastic Christians prayed on the the interstate's shoulder in Dallas.

They chanted loudly and vibrantly, making many people in the neighborhood wonder what was going on. They prayed that adult businesses along the corridor would "see the light" and perhaps close down.

They prayed for safety and freedom from crime for people who lived along the interstate. They prayed that all Americans would accept Jesus into their lives.

The woman who came up with the concept of "Light the Highway" is a Texas minister named Cindy Jacobs.

She says she can't be sure Interstate 35 really is what is mentioned in the Bible but says she received a revelation to start this campaign after "once again reading Isaiah, Chapter 35."

Jacobs also points out that perhaps there is a link between the area near this highway and tragedies that have happened in history, such as the bridge collapse on I-35 in Minneapolis last August and the assassination of JFK 44 years ago near I-35 in Dallas. That's why prayer certainly can't hurt, she adds.

Now, it's only fair to say most people, the religious and the non-religious alike, don't buy any of this, but none more than the owners of some of the adult businesses along I-35.

At an adult go-go club, the owner tells us he resents people trying to impose their will on others. And he says his club holds fundraisers, food drives and toy drives to help the community.

But on the side of the road, the prayerful aren't going to change their minds. Holy highways and nude clubs, they believe, are not a combination God has in mind.

: gary tuchman
: http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/12/19/btsc.tuchman.roadsideprayer/index.html

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10 October 2007

as sickeningly excited about it as i

for the past three nights i've been sleeping on the second floor of a hotel in san antonio in texas, one of the great united states of america, perhaps the greatest, here stationed until friday afternoon in order to attend a training session at my new company about which i am sickeningly excited. i think i've not yet met one employee at this company who isn't just as sickeningly excited about it as i. i am no longer nervous.

i attempt the close door button each time i step through the elevator door in the aforementioned hotel. while i haven't employed the scientific method in my experiments, i've concluded that on the two elevators in this hotel the close door button does absolutely nothing.

cecil adams at straightdope.com reports here that he called the otis elevator company in farrington in connecticut, one of these great united states of america, and was told that the button does indeed work. in the same article he goes on to summarize, after having consulted with "various elevator repairmen", four reasons why the close door button might not appear to work: 1. the button is set on a time delay; 2. the button is broken; 3. the button has been disconnected; or 4. the button was never connected in the first place.

during my research, i also came across this article which states that some elevators have an express mode. by pressing your floor button and the close door button simultaneously, you can direct the elevator to express directly to your floor regardless of other passengers' floor selections.

i await the delivery of gaskets and o-rings so that i may reassemble the front bevel gearcase and clean the carburetors of for great justice. does texas permit lane splitting?

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07 October 2007

alea iacta est

my life will soon be changing radically.

on monday i'll start a full time job as a linux system administrator. i haven't worked a full time job in two years and seven months. i'm nervous. really, i am.

questioning direction. seems my only option.

am i where i'm supposed to be?

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03 October 2007

tohu va bohu!

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23 September 2007

she takes no prisoners

there is a fall in texas. i have seen it. the leaves are still green and i have seen them too.

a beautiful beast lives on the other side of the glass of the living room door and spins her web there almost every evening. she takes no prisoners. i have seen her.

kingdom: animalia
phylum: arthropoda
subphylum: chelicerata
class: arachnida
order: araneae
suborder: opisthothelae
infraorder: araneomorphae
family: araneidae
genus: neoscona
species: crucifera

i arrived in texas on 11 september 2007. on tuesday i'll have been here two weeks.

i've ridden my bicycle to the capitol building and back. i've seen a movie at the alamo drafthouse. i've gone to see bands two times, one time at the hole in the wall where i heard a very talented clawhammer banjo player and a girl with a sweet country voice and one time at elysium where i saw one man play an entire stage filled with drums. i've visited with friends twice; once there i met two new nice people. i learned how to play mexican train, the first time in my life that i've played a dominoes game, and i ate a hot dog topped with tomatoes, onions, and avacado, another first. i've sent my resume out seven times and have received one call which i'll return on monday. i've finished two books: edward abbey's the monkey wrench gang and kurt vonnegut's a man without a country and i've decided i need to read much more. and i will. i've installed fedora linux on one of my machines and successfully installed and configured a wireless card.

i like my mp3 player. it is small and light and has sustained many drops without damage. music is so important. at times it's the most important. i want to play music again. i really miss it.

current missions: read and watch. learn origins. learn why. uncomfortable social situations. expand. absorb. soak.

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13 September 2007

buying bread from a man in brussels

i now live in texas.

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04 June 2007

i've known you from old

gonna build me log cabin
on a mountain so high
so i can see willie
as he goes passing by

oh the coo-coo, she’s a pretty bird
she wobbles as she flies
she never says coo-coo
'til the fourth day july

i’ve played cards in england
i’ve played cards in spain
i’ll bet you ten dollars
i beat you next game

jack o' diamonds, jack o' diamonds
i’ve known you from old
you’ve robbed my poor pocket
all my silver and my gold

my horses ain’t hungry
they won’t eat your hay
i’ll ride on a little further
i’ll feed ‘em on my way

: traditional appalachian lyric

“i don’t know if other people sing it the way i do or not... and i don’t care.” : clarence ashley

i've traveled over two thousand two hundred miles on my motorcycle from boston, massachusetts, to austin, texas. now it's time to move on. immense thanks to kirsten and tim for their overwhelming hospitality. i've inventively repacked my motorcycle and will be shipping my pack to san francisco to accomodate a passenger who will be joining me on the next leg of the trip from austin to san diego.

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